Shades of Blue

There are a lot of great colours swirling about this spring. As much as I love the mint shades, they tend to be a bit one-dimensional and can get repetitive. One that is offering a bit more intrigue lately is blue. There are so many great varieties of blue this season from vibrant cobalt to light pastels. Here are some of my favourite examples of blue that are inspiring my fashion search:

Ombre blue nails


My Pippa (someone else’s picture)

Villa Hydrea


London houses by Irene Suchocki

My new favourite shade of polish for this season: Essie’s Avenue Maintain

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An ode to burgundy

If there is one thing that I have often said to myself this season it’s, “Burgundy, where have you been all my life?” Burgundy has always been around but this season it is at the forefront and, as wisely noted in Casablanca, “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

As always, when accepting new friends into the fold, I have a few requirements (or, actually, only one): the burgundy’s in my life cannot have purple hues (they must be red). This stringent requirement is why my burgundy collection is still small and why I still haven’t found the perfect lipstick shade of burgundy. However, there are some items that I value and I see taking me through not just this season but many seasons to come.

Zara Bordeaux Plaited Leather Shopper

Essie Skirting the issue

Burgundy skinny jeans

A want:

Aren’t these GORGEOUS!!!

It’s a burgundy kind of love…. I do.

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods

A Matte Finish

They say that in hard times, women tend to focus on smaller purchases (known as a lipstick index – cosmetic sales go up as the economy goes down). After a long recession, we should perhaps call it a manicure index: people are completely enchanted by different manicure looks. Nail creativity is at an all time high, there is even a nail bar at most Sephoras teaching people how to tackle trickier manicure projects. Most of these are too difficult for me and my unsteady hands (not to mention tiny nails). Thus, I am interested in easier manicure trends.As such, my interest in matte nail colours was peaked after a picture on pinterest.

The original matte look that peaked my interest

Unfortunately, no one around me had heard of it and I couldn’t find a matte colour or top coat anywhere. Thankfully, during my recent trip to Montreal, I came across a combo set of top colours: one provided a glossy finish and the other one, a matte finish. Obviously, I scooped it up. I think that a matte look can be a nice modern change from a glossy coat.

Here is my first attempt:

The original shiny nail (Essie Aruba Blue)


Using the matte top coat (pardon the bad painting job)


Matte top coat with glossy tip


Matte vs Shiny




Strength through polish

This week has been crazy and the weekend promises only to be more so.

In these difficult times, you can be guaranteed of a couple things:

1) I put a lot more thought into my wardrobe. This allows a little vacation every morning and something to get my mind off of work. Also, the better I present myself, the less likely people will perceive me as frazzled and that means that they will not see me as being unable to handle my new life as a PhD student.

2) I will spend time making my nails pretty. This way my nails can have a little party, and whenever I look down at then furiously typing away, I can smile.

Recently, thanks to pinterest, I have been having a lot more fun with my nails. For this past week and crazy weekend, I tried the sparkly tip look. Check out the pictures below. (I am still having trouble figuring out the best way to take photographs for blogging, if you have suggestions let me know!)

The base colour is Essie’s demure vixen (previously released as ladylike), and the sparkle tips are courtesy of Butter London’s “Rosie Lee”. What I like about this sparkle polish is that unlike others that simply spread and you can still see nail underneath, with enough coats this can fully cover the nail just like any plain colour polish.

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Wishing you the best of everything!
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